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BMW B6036


The BMW B6036 is a very fashionable frame for Men's Designer Glasses. It was released to retail markets on or around 2017. It's a very good Stainless Steel Frame that compliments by having a well put together Full Rim design. The Square lenses really make it complete by adding the fashion forward sense.

The BMW B6036 is considered a good value when it comes to Eyeglasses. If you're interested in making these into prescription Eyeglasses, you'll be pleasantly suprised to know this design does support prescription lenses.

The BMW B6036 comes in 4 colors. The official color/codes are Matt And Shiny Black (90), Matt And Shiny Dark Brown (10), Matt And Shiny Navy (50), Matt And Shiny Gunmetal (20). There may be other colors available that were not initially released by the manufacturer.

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